ProNoobs TS3 [TS.1337.CF] | Public Teamspeak

Willkommen auf unserem Server!
Temporäre Channels sind jederzeit erlaubt, wendet euch an einen Moderator oder Admin um einen permanenten zu bekommen.

Welcome to our Server!
Temporary channels can be created at any time, ask an Moderator or Admin for a permanent one.

IP / Address
Port 9987
Status Online
Slot 32
User Online 7
Platform Linux
Server Version 3.9.1 [Build: 1562073443]
Server created 04.10.2012
Entry since 03.07.2016
Last update 15.11.2019 23:45:02
Hostmessage TeamSpeak is a bunch of shit fucking cunts and no one should use their software anymore.
PLEASE just consider Discord which is also fucking Aids but still less of a hassle than TeamSpeak.

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