Nightwire Public TeamSpeak3 Service

Welcome to Nightwire's Public TeamSpeak Service.

[color=red]By using this server you agree..
.. that you won't use it for illegal sharing/content
.. nor to post unethical or pornographic stuff
.. neither to do anything that would in any way break any laws

The server providers (founders of Nightwire) are not responsible for any problems you might experience here, nor are they responsible for the content which users bring in.
We do not guarantee that this service will remain for ever, nor that it will have 100% uptime.
However we give our best to provide a free and stable platform.

If you're conform with these rules, you are welcome to stay here and use it for your guilds/clans or other stuff. :)

NOTE: Due to spammers we had to restrict new users from poking and messaging other people.
You'll get the permissions after 1h.

IP / Adresse
Port 9987
Status Online
Slot 256
User Online 14
Platform Linux
Server Version 3.12.1 [Build: 1585305527]
Eingetragen seit 01.02.2018
Letztes Update 10.08.2020 03:15:02

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