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привет! Cześć! Hello!
Welcome to ☰ [WORLD] GTi7.eu - Free permanent Channel - SECURED-VAC ☰

- Create your own temp/semi/perm channel on this server
- Get your own musicbot with our !come bots (read more on https://gti7.de/faq.php)


Information about this server:
- Our server are located in Traben-Trabach (Rheinland) (CyberBunker 3.0)
- We have our own colocation in france, germany and poland and we use our own hardware.
- All server(s) are protected and secured by our VAC-Firewall (Status: cloud-2.ch.sitehotel.de)
- Please use "gti7.eu" or "gti7.de" to connect.

We hope you have a nice day! Have fun with our server!

IP / Adresse eu1.gti7.de
Port 9987
Status Online
Slot 512
User Online 26
Platform Linux
Server Version 3.13.6 [Build: 1623234157]
Server erstellt am 21.11.2013
Eingetragen seit 28.12.2014
Letztes Update 26.05.2024 07:15:01
Hostmessage ★ соединенный -  connected - ★ podłączony

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