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Welcome to the teamspeak public server of Team Duplo.

Feel free to create your own temp private channel! Be active and we will set your channel to permanent.

Still lost? Feel free to ask the server team for help.
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Create a channel by right clicking -> create channel or by clicking channelid://0.

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IP / Adresse theduplos.de
Port 9987
Status Online
Slot 100
User Online 20
Platform Windows
Server Version 3.9.1 [Build: 1562073443]
Server erstellt am 07.10.2012
Eingetragen seit 27.04.2019
Letztes Update 18.10.2019 13:15:02
Hostmessage We are moving our servers soon! Please make sure you are using ts3server://theduplos.de to connect to stay with us in the future :)

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