TS3 Server Version Beta15

Datum: 18.01.2010

Heute wurde die erste neue Version im neuen Jahr released - die TS3 Server Beta15. Die Größe der Changelog macht auf einen Blick klar, dass an vielen Stellen etwas geändert wurde. Kein Wunder - es wurden drei Releases ausgelassen, Beta 13 und 14, welche nun aber natürlich in der 15er enthalten sind.


Server Release 3.0.0-beta15 18 Jan 2010

  • fixed mysql plugin reading config file

Server Release 3.0.0-beta13 18 Jan 2010

  • To connect to a beta13 server you MUST update your client to beta11 or higher
  • fixed 64bit database id mismatch
  • reject big packets which could lead to server criticals
  • fixed bug where none permanent groups wont display members
  • channelgroupclientlist returns ERROR_database_empty_result
  • fixed talk power can be granted without permission
  • fixed not checking max bantime correclty
  • fixed bug where group members / permission where not removed from database
  • client request talk message size limit increased to 50 characters
  • correctly reject talk requests with oversize message
  • when manually adding a ban apply this ban to all matching clients that are currently connected
  • work around convert error that could occure when setting some values to "-1" on some glibc versions
  • fixed clientdbdelete not checking if client is online and removing all permissions
  • respect b_client_ignore_bans on renames also
  • fixed filetransfer permission checks
  • fixed bug where it was not possible to connect via query if VIRTUALSERVER_MAXCLIENTS was set to zero
  • fixed accounting deadlock which could occur while shutting down an virtualserver
  • added virtualserver_port to servercreate output
  • added new permission PERMISSION_b_virtualserver_custom_search
  • added query command customsearch (please check docu)
  • added sqlite PRAGMA integrity_check on startup
  • added table custom fields
  • tokenadd can take optional parameter tokendescription and tokencustomset
  • token table extended with token_created, token_description, token_customset fields
  • added query ip whitelist, entries wont be affected by flood protection
  • added command line option query_ip_whitelist (default query_ip_whitelist.txt)
  • added CLIENT_IDLE_TIME to clientlist (parameter -times)
  • added channel id to clientinfo, ident: cid
  • server accepts token while connecting
  • added checks for default/template groups
  • disconnect query after to many failed password tries
  • complain added to flood protection (middle)
  • added virtualservers_total_maxclients, virtualservers_total_clients_online, virtualservers_total_channels_online to hostinfo
  • added servergroups got default permission PERMISSION_b_group_is_permanent
  • added servergroups/channelgroups got default permission PERMISSION_i_group_needed_modify_power (current clients PERMISSION_i_group_modify_power is used)
  • new permission PERMISSION_b_virtualserver_modify_min_client_version
  • new virtualserver property VIRTUALSERVER_MIN_CLIENT_VERSION
  • windows crash dump wont display an dialog box anymore
  • added check to prevent deleting needed template groups
  • added flood protection for serverquery
  • you cant remove clients from groups which do not belong to your virtualserver (postponed feature)
  • ! make sure that the changes below reflect your setup else you will break your server
  • added SERVERINSTANCE_TEMPLATE_SERVERDEFAULT_GROUP, SERVERINSTANCE_TEMPLATE_CHANNELADMIN_GROUP, SERVERINSTANCE_TEMPLATE_CHANNELDEFAULT_GROUP this properties are used now while creating a new virtualserver for selecting the needed groups.