- TS3 Server

---==>> Server rules <<==---

- Be respectful to all users.
- No inappropriate nicknames or channel names.
- No pornographic, gore, racist, or offensive avatars or channel images are allowed.
- No racism, racism will provide you an instant permanent ban.
- No Recording or anything that violates the privacy rules. (Recording is allowed when everyone agrees.)
- No spam chat, commands, or channel joining.
- No begging for server admin rights. It will provide you an instant ban.
- Welcome channel isn't an afk channel. You will kicked if you being idle for longer than 15 minutes.
- NevaKee darf Icedonar belästigen

IP / Adresse
Port 9987
Status Online
Slot 80
User Online 5
Platform Linux
Server Version 3.9.1 [Build: 1562073443]
Eingetragen seit 20.08.2015
Letztes Update 18.10.2019 12:45:01

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